Skipping breakfast; yes or no?

Skipping breakfast; Yes or no?

Breakfast. Ah, the almighty breakfast.

Start your day with a big and nutritious breakfast. Or should you?
Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?
Or is it just like any other meal?
Can you skip it?

Wait a minute, is this guy crazy? Skip breakfast? Switch the channel. Call the electrician, it can’t be.

Lets take a closer look.

Many experts consider breakfast as being THE most important meal of the day because it helps with weight management and overall well being. Oh, and if you skip breakfast you will gain weight and be on the road towards obesity. Somebody just decided this because there is a relationship between breakfast and body weight and that skipping breakfast is unhealthy. Of course, they didn’t even bother with checking if this was really true.

Recently, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, analyzed a couple of research on the matter – called meta-analysis and the researchers came to the conclusion that the link between skipping breakfast and body weight is only speculation (1)

Being healthy is controlled by so many factors that breakfast is only a part of a whole. Environment, age, sex, diet quality, habits, activities and so forth are also very important (2)  

Eating Breakfast

Now lets take a look at what the experts say about eating breakfast.

One research says that children will do better in school because they will be more focused and have more energy to start the day (3). Of course, the breakfast has to be nutritious and healthy but not sugary cereal. Parents don‘t want their children to have dessert for breakfast but most cereal today has more sugar than some desserts (4).

Also another research follows the relationship between blood sugar levels and eating breakfast. It says that blood sugar control is improved. Again, the quality and quantity of the breakfast is the most important issue here. Foods rich in fiber, whole grains and fruits had a better impact than high GI carbohydrate meals (5).

These researches are all observational, without proving cause. Yet again, breakfast is just a part of a whole lifestyle.

Breakfast can therefore be better for some, but not all.

Skipping breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a trend these days and is related to many new diets. It can be beneficial. Why and how?

Well, in a study where a group of people with type 2 diabetes followed diets which included breakfast and ones that included no breakfast and a big lunch. The study showed that skipping breakfast and eating the majority of calories at lunch can be advantageous from a metabolic perspective and might lower the risk of insulin type 2 diabetes(6).

In this research weight loss was about the same with breakfast skippers as it was with those who ate breakfast (7).

There are evidences that suggests skipping breakfast can; increase fat breakdown (8), increase the release of GH (9), improved blood glucose control (10) and decrease food intake (11).


So, after all that research and reading, the conclusion is; eating breakfast is optional!

If you are a breakfast person and love your breakfast, you should keep on eating what makes you feel good. Just make sure the breakfast suits your lifestyle and makes you feel good!

If you like skipping your breakfast and eating it at noon and you are still reaching your goals, keep at it!

I’m a breakfast skipper . But do you skip breakfast? Comment your answer by clicking the picture at the top or in the comment section below